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Features of YUGE OFFICE

  • 15 years of administrative scrivener office work experience
 Yusuke Yuge, our representative administrative scrivener, opened in Chuo-ku, Osaka in July 2008 and has a total of 15 years of work experience after being incorporated in October 2022.From the beginning of the business until the 10th year, we undertook all kinds of licensing work that can be handled by administrative scriveners, so we have cross-sectional know-how.Five years ago, at the request of our clients, we specialized in administrative scrivener offices specializing in immigration and residence status. Of course, we also apply for other licenses at the request of our customers.

  • Resident interpreters in 13 languages / 9 administrative staff.
 Our company is rare among administrative scrivener offices, and we have 11 language(language, Sinhala (Sri Lanka), Tagalog (Philippines), Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongolian, Nepali, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Burmese) interpreter/translator staff stationed at our company, and we can respond at any time during business hours. For this reason, we have received requests for various residence status applications from customers of all nationalities, and have accumulated a wealth of experience.In addition to tax accountants and social worker offices, we also provide business tie-up support for multilingualization accompanying the expansion of sales channels for general businesses.Having interpreting services in 11 languages is a great advantage for our international clients. Your customers will be able to communicate in their native language, which will be easier to understand and more responsive.

  • Free consultation by messenger chat.
 Text consultations using Facebook messenger, Instagram DM, LINE, Whatssapp, Wechat, etc., 

Online consultation is available.

Even if you do not live in Osaka, video conferencing via ZOOM and LINE is possible.
Cases in which free consultation is available

Free consultation is available on LINE.

Consultation on line or messenger is free of charge for everyone!
Calls are not possible. Send me a text message.

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Our Achievements


2023 June.
Overseas investors are eligible to apply for this visa.
Requrements having
5million yen capital ( in foregin currency) 
Supplier, buyer, customer base. 
Business plan


2023 March.
If you have already established a company in Japan, apply for a 1-year visa.
2023 May.
International business visas such as trade meet the criteria if you have more than 3 years of work experience or have graduated from university.
2023 June.
This is a tattoo artist visa. 
For an art visa, we will submit materials showing past activities, award history, future activities in Japan, etc.
2022 September.
For a journalist visa, you will need to submit materials that show your past activities and a plan of what kind of activities you will be doing in Japan.
Good for
Business visa
Naturalization experience in various countries
Interpreters in 10 languages on site
Value & Vision Immigration lawyers YUGE OFFICE

Value & Vision

In our case, our goal is not only to pursue profit, but to eliminate inequalities in society.
We exist to provide a Solution of Inequality and Disadvantages.
We want to create a world where people can enjoy our services no matter where they live, as long as there are no alternative services available there.

Immigration attorneys in Japan are committed to the principles of justice, fairness, and equality. They believe that all individuals, regardless of nationality, are entitled to have their rights and interests protected and have access to legal services and resources to achieve their goals.

About Visa
Certificate Of Eligibility

Set up your business base in Japan.
Business Manager Visa

Set up your business base in Japan.

A visa to establish a business office and company in Japan is obtained, and the business is set up upon entry into Japan.
When you are ready, we will extend your visa.
We will assist you with accounting, labor management, contracts, and banking procedures in accordance with Japanese law.

We have obtained visas for managers of many automobile traders, ship machinery traders, construction machinery traders, solar power generation equipment traders, restaurants, and tourism businesses.We have obtained visas for managers of many automobile traders, ship machinery traders, construction machinery traders, solar power generation equipment traders, restaurants, and tourism businesses.
Visit the Business Management Visa site
Acquire Japanese citizenship

Acquire Japanese citizenship

It is possible to apply for Japanese nationality by meeting the requirements such as having lived in Japan for 5 years or more and working for 3 years or more and being able to understand Japanese.
Japanese passports are ranked number one in the world and allow visa-free travel to 192 countries.
Visit the Naturalization site
Dependent, Spouse visa, live with family in Japan
Dependent / Spouse or Child Visa

live with family in Japan

This visa is for those who want to live in Japan with their spouse and children.
If you are getting married in the future, we will support you if you want to have an international marriage in Japan.
A marriage certificate or birth certificate must be attached, the supporter must be working in principle, and the income status must be verified with a certificate of employment or a taxation certificate.
Vist the Spouse visa site
Permanent Residence Visa Japan
Permanent Residence

A visa with no work restrictions and period of stay

Foreigners who are permitted to stay in Japan as permanent residents with no period of stay and no work restrictions are only those who are recognized by the Minister of Justice of the Japanese government as being beneficial to Japan. No matter how much a foreigner wishes to become a permanent resident, he or she will not be granted permission unless he or she meets the conditions approved by the Japanese government.
Recently, not only pension payment status but also past annual income requirements have been tightened.
We recommend that you seek professional advice several years before applying for a permanent residence permit.
Visit the Permanent Residence Visa site
Visa to work in Japan
Work Visa

Visa to work in Japan

For a Japanese work visa, it is necessary to have a job first. The job must be related to your educational or professional background.
In addition, it is not permitted to take a job that involves only unskilled labor, and it must be a certain level of advanced work.
Visit the Work Visa site
Specified Skilled Worker Visa
Specified Skilled Worker Visa

Visa to Designated work in Japan

This visa can be applied for by foreigners who have completed technical intern training or passed the specific skill evaluation test. A No. 1 visa allows you to work for 5 years, and a No. 2 visa allows you to renew indefinitely.
Visit the Specified Skilled Worker Visa site
Certification & Translation Services
Certification & Translation Services

Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification and translation

In order to use a certified copy of a Japanese company register or resident card in a foreign country, a legal translation into a foreign language and certification or apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are required.
Visit the Certification & Translation Services site
minpaku business
Private Lodging Business License

Application for Minpaku Private Lodging Business License

Private lodging business generally refers to a business that provides private lodging facilities such as homes and rental properties. In Japan, the new minpaku law, which was revised in June 2018, legalized “minpaku,” in which individuals provide their own or rental housing to travelers for a fee.

The private lodging business in Japan has a licensing system, and each municipality has different ordinances. When operating a private lodging, it is necessary to first notify the local government and obtain the necessary permits and licenses. It is also necessary to comply with laws and regulations such as the Fire Service Act and the Building Standards Act.

The private lodging business contributes to the expansion of Japan's tourism industry and is particularly popular with foreign tourists. However, troubles with neighboring residents and noise problems have been pointed out, so caution is required in operation.
Visit the Private Lodging Business License site
minpaku business
 Artist Visa / Entertainment visa

Expand your artistic possibilities with an efficient arts visa application
Support for Expanding Your Entertainment Business in Japan

Visas required for income-generating musical, artistic, literary, or other artistic activities, or for activities related to theater, performance, performance, sports, or other entertainment, or for other recreational activities.

Graphic artists and tattoo artists are also allowed this visa.

In addition to dancers and others performing in shows, the act of teaching dance requires a separate visa.
Visit the Private Lodging Business License site
Visa consultation to lawyer
Please contact us first. Communication via messenger is free of charge. However, required documents, application details, and possibilities vary with each individual visa application. In order to provide you with the information you really need, we can only provide you with an in-person consultation. For an in-person consultation, you must make an appointment to meet with an attorney and pay a consultation fee. However, the time spent meeting with an attorney for a personal consultation is worth hundreds of times more to your life. We are available in Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka and all other immigration offices.
Your process can be shortened reliably and quickly.

Certificate Of Eligibility
Japanese visas go through the process of verifying your resident status. The status of residence is governed by law and must be proven by the applicant against immigration. But Immigration is a system that does not kindly tell you what kind of documents to prepare. This is why it seems that Japanese visas are not readily accepted. It is necessary to repeat trial and error to receive a visa for immigration who does not show an answer. If you have more time than others, you can try and error yourself. For example, if your day has 48 hours. But many people do not have time. You need the help of our experts to prepare the required documents in a limited amount of time.


Visa Application specialists YUGE OFFICE

Immigration specialists A.Y.O.

Our values

Open mind
We listen to all nationalities, all circumstances, and all values. Then check it against the immigration laws and systems in Japan to guide you on what is the best path for you. We advise on your business start up, your company set up, And marriage certificates and post-divorce visas.
Challenge and learning
The correct answer is something you won't know unless you try it. The greatest risk is fear of challenge. Successful people have paved the way by repeating the challenges. We will be the best partners to help you challenge without giving up until you succeed. You can get legal advice from a lawyer with 12 years of experience in Osaka Japan.
Keep growing
The best asset for us is people. We can get great success because we have mate like family. And you who are our clients will be our family. We will do our best to get your partner's spouse or depedent visa.


We have NO OTHER AGENTS both overseas or domestic. Please contact us directly for consultation. Don't deal with the scams of someone who claims to be our agent.

Office profile

会社名 Company name

Administrative lawyer corporation YUGE OFFICE
Association No.90150 Osaka


代表者 Director 弓削勇介 Yusuke YUGE
Establishment ever been when
July, 2008 行政書士法人YUGE OFFICE 
Immigration Lawyer's Corporation YUGE OFFICE OSAKA
Osaka/Kyoto/Hyogo/Okayama/Hiroshima/Fukuoka District

〒540-0034 大阪市中央区島町1丁目2-3三和ビル3F

Sanwa bldg.3F, 1-2-3, Shima-machi Chuo-ku, Osaka city.
E mail  ayo@office-yuge.info


Average Visa Application Fee List

Directory consultation
Child of PR or Japanese visa
88,000¥~or more
Spouse of PR or Japanese visa visa
132,000¥~or more
Legal Marriage of city hall on Japan 
Long term visa
Work visa
Business visa
265,000¥~or more
Dependent visa
66,000¥~or more
Peremanent Residence
121,800¥~or more
Extension for a visa
59,400¥~or more
Visitor visa documents
39,600¥~or more
Apply for Authentication Employment
Set up the company
110,000¥~or more
Apply for Specified Skilled Worker
198,000¥~or more
Naturalization apply
183,800¥~or more

Credit payment possible

An invoice will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the requester. Since credit card payments are made from there, you can make payments without anyone knowing your card information.

Direct online consultation with a lawyer

Online Consultation A

This is for consultations related to work visas, spouse visas, child visas, dependent visas, visa changes, and visa renewals.
  • Visa Consutation
  • 5,000円
  • (税込み)

Online Consultation B

This is for consultation regarding business visas and permanent residence visas.
  • Visa Consultation
  • 10,000円
  • (税込み)


  • 販売価格
  • 1,000円
  • (税込み)

Free consultation is available on Chat with LINE.

Consultation on line or messenger is free of charge for everyone!

Free inquiry

Please send us the basic information. The person in charge will reply to you later.
Please read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy before sending.
個人情報保護方針 / Privacy Policy
二、 個人情報は、適法かつ適正な方法で取得します。
三、 個人情報は、本人の同意なく第三者に提供しません。
四、 個人情報の管理にあたっては、漏洩・滅失・毀損の防止及び是正、その他の安全管理のために必要かつ適切な措置を講じるよう努めます。
五、 個人情報保護に関する法令を遵守し、事務所内の管理体制につき継続的な見直しを行います。
六、 個人情報保護に関する苦情及び相談に対応する窓口を設けて、適切に対応するよう努めます。
The administrative scrivener Yuge office conducts document preparation, application substitution and procedures at the notary office in the application for permission to apply to the Immigration Bureau, other government offices, and to contribute to the enjoyment of smooth and fair administrative services of the client We provide delegation services. Since we will handle personal information of many clients on business management, we will establish this policy based on the Code of Ethics of Administrative Scrivener, establish a personal information management system, and realize responsible responses as a company I will. 
1. Identify the purpose of using personal information and handle it within the range necessary for achieving the purpose. We also take measures to prevent non-purpose use.
2. We will acquire personal information in a lawful and proper manner.
3. Personal information will not be provided to third parties without your consent.
4. In managing personal information, we will endeavor to take necessary and appropriate measures for prevention and correction of leakage, destruction and damage, and other safety management.
5. We will comply with laws concerning personal information protection and will continuously review the management system within the office.
6. We will set up windows to respond to complaints and consultation concerning personal information protection and make efforts to respond appropriately.
行政書士法人YUGE OFFICE 代表社員行政書士 弓削勇介

Administrative Lawyer Yuge Office
Representative Administrative Lawyer Yusuke YUGE
Revised on October 18, 2022

Administrative scrivener code of ethics
Administrative scriveners have the mission of contributing to the improvement of people's lives and the prosperity and progress of society as a bond between the people and the government.
Administrative scriveners are devoted to their mission, protect their honor, and live up to the people's trust.
Administrative scriveners protect the rights of citizens and contribute to the fulfillment of their obligations.
Gyoseishoshi Lawyers comply with laws and regulations, are well versed in their duties, and carry out their duties in a fair and sincere manner.
Gyoseishoshi lawyers strive to hone their character and cultivate common sense and education.
Administrative scriveners must strive for mutual reconciliation and not betray good faith.

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